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Student Projects

Students in the REED program complete independent studies and projects on a range of topics related to ecodesign and sustainability. The following are some examples.

Homebuilt Water Systems: One Example in Vermont
By Ruth Larkin '10
Water Systems: Water Purification and Waste Water Processing Independent Study supervised by Prof. Lucas Brown, spring semester 2009

Excerpt from the Introduction
"My husband and I live with our one-year old son in Western Vermont in a six-sided timber frame and hay bale cabin –eighteen feet across at the widest—that we built ourselves. The year we built it, time was short and we didn’t get stucco on the outside before it got too cold for it to cure properly. Without the stucco, straw poked out of the walls and it was dubbed the Fuzzy House....As winter set in and the ground began to freeze, we began to develop long-term systems. The question was raised: how do you safely filter drinking water and dispose of grey water when living off-grid in a temperate climate where temperatures can reach -20° F in the winter? This question inspired me to investigate systems for water purification and filtering."

Download the full study.

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