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Denise Castro ’14

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Denise Castro, ’14, is a senior all the way from Cathedral City, Cal. She will graduate following the upcoming spring semester with a sociology / anthropology major and psychology minor.

“I found Green Mountain College looking for something different from my big high school,” Denise said. “I wanted a closer community, so I Googled ‘rural schools.’”

When Denise first arrived at GMC, she was majoring in biology. After a friend’s suggestion, she saw things differently. “I instantly fell in love with the sociology / anthropology major. Social issues are important and people don’t pay enough attention because we’re accustomed to them”, she said.

“Professor Gordon Knight helped me understand what I wanted to do. When I took his class I thought, 'This is what I thought college would be like!' I was really interested in the material. I love solving issues and knowing what needs to be fixed,” she said.

Denise isn’t wasting any time getting to work on those issues. Recently, she ran a chapter of the “Who Needs Feminism?” campaign on GMC’s campus for her Delicate Balance project. The campaign works to dispel erroneous notions about feminism and those who consider themselves feminists. Students were able to write why they need feminism on a marker board and have their picture taken to be posted online.

“The ‘Who Needs Feminism?’ campaign was really successful, and I wasn’t expecting the turn out,” Denise said. “Activism club helped me out so much. I thought people would see ‘feminism’ and be afraid. People were willing to come up, learn and have their picture taken. We uploaded the pictures on Facebook. There was an extremely positive response. Many alumni and masters’ program students shared it.”

Denise is also the co-head delegate of Model United Nations club, the treasurer of DREAM and a member of the student financial committee.

“I think for a career I’d like to do something in public or social policy. I’m thinking I can go to graduate school for that,” she said. “I would love to work with a non-profit organization and work with minorities, women mostly, and try to ease social problems.”

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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