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Nick McEachern '14

“So much adrenaline,” exclaims Nick, when he recaps an experience he had last spring. For Nick, the second semester of freshman year held plenty of adventure, most of which involved white water kayaking. Nick was running class three and four rapids on the Poultney River. With this experience Nick had gained confidence, now working to obtain a certification by the American Canoe Association.

Nick first heard about Green Mountain College in his hometown of Hampstead, New Hampshire. Since then, Nick has not only settled into the community here at GMC, but has gained substantial experience via his involvement in adventure programming.

During his freshman year, after participating in GreenMAP’s Wilderness Challenge, Nick sought more in-depth involvement. For ten academic months Nick has been a Green Mountain Adventure Programming leader. The GreenMAP program at GMC offers students of all majors to participate in outdoor adventure activities such as hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. “It’s kinda like-,” Nick pauses, “an undergrad teaching system.” Since his start with GreenMAP Nick has developed better teaching skills that have manifested into exciting opportunities.

After offering his help to the newly hired outdoor living skills professor, Chuck Domenie, Nick was given the opportunity to become the teacher’s assistant for the class. Nick happily accepted, stating that, “It’s a good opportunity to share enthusiasm for the program.”

When asked about the sophomore block for the adventure education program, the first words that come to Nick’s mind are “wicked awesome.”

The sophomore block is an opportunity and requirement for Adventure Education students, taking place during the fall semester of their second year at Green Mountain College. Throughout the experience, students are continuously exposed to new environments and activities, ranging from rock climbing to white-water paddling. “I learned so much, I’m still absorbing it all,” exclaims Nick. But in the midst of extreme adventure and activity, Nick’s favorite part of the trip is surprisingly the backpacking section; an eight-day-long backpacking adventure where students demonstrate their skills on how to safely camp, cook, and navigate the wilderness.

Through all of this, Nick’s love for the outdoors has been kindled. He is becoming an avid paddler, hiker, and leader.

By Zak Stark '15

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