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Our 2020 Vision

In pursuing our mission and the Sustainability 2020 objective, our vision is to thrive in an ever-changing world through the knowledge, creativity, resource­fulness and goodwill of our extended Green Mountain College community.

In this new future:

Our students are engaged in a new kind of education where the boundaries between classroom learning and their lifework have dissolved; our students are initiating and leading much of our best work in sustainability; those near­ing graduation have exciting career opportunities opening up before them; they begin their new lives free of the burden of debt, eager and poised to lead the world forward;

Academically we are defining a new agenda for sustainability-focused research and education; we are taking the abstract notion of sustainability and making it real and accessible through our practices and measures; we are helping our students put their liberal arts education to good use; as a center of excellence for research and education we are discovering new ways that humans can thrive in a modern but finite world;

As a college community, we are collectively healthier, happier and more prosperous than ever; our faculty and staff are excited about their work and proud of their achievements; we develop and support our people, enabling them to reach their full potential; faculty, staff and students all find creative ways to enrich both the quality of education and the quality of life here;

We have a national and international reputation for being the most innovative college in sustainability; we are distinguished for walking our talk; we are leading the world toward sustainability through our example, demonstrating each day how it is possible to make our world better socially, ecologically and economically; we have extended our impact well beyond our campus by educating others how to follow in our footsteps; visitors from around the world come to Poultney, Vermont to learn about what is so different at Green Mountain College;

Prospective students and faculty from around the world actively seek to become part of our community; influential partners (government, business, non-profit) find ways to help us succeed with our goals; our long-term financial position is more secure than ever; by growing our enrollment, diversifying our student population and developing a variety of new revenue sources, we are now positioned to sustain our progress through continuing investments in our people, our facilities and our innovative programs and initiatives;

We have demonstrated that we can leave our planet better than we found it, and also be happy, healthy and prosperous; and thus we have a powerful story to tell about our journey, of our progress so far, of the challenges we have overcome and of those we still face; we are truthful to ourselves and this helps us learn from our experiences; our progress propels us to reach even higher; and across our community we share a vision for the future and a commitment to work even more closely together to achieve it.

We hold ourselves accountable to our greatest ambitions.

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