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Sarah Sims '17

Livin’ the Dream

Sarah Sims, a freshman from San Francisco, sat in an easy chair and smiled comfortably. “The winter isn’t as cold as you’d think here,” she said, “I have on just a sweater and I feel like a million bucks. That was a pleasant surprise.”

A sustainable agriculture major, Sarah found Green Mountain College after she had already enrolled at a state school in California. She worked on a family-run farm in Essex, Vt. over the summer and realized the state school wasn’t going to cut it. “The couple I was living with over the summer was supportive of my educational endeavors, and they showed me a lot of Vermont schools like Middlebury, Dartmouth and of course, GMC,” she said.

“GMC has a lot of programs I’m interested in, specifically sustainable agriculture. I applied late and got in thanks to rolling admissions, and I decided to abandon the state-school idea,” she said. “I’m definitely happy with that decision.”

Sarah is part of the Cerridwen farm crew and a member of slow foods club.

“I’m passionate about food and sustainable food systems. A lot of people in this country aren't being fed nutritionally, or at all, and I want to be able to be a part of the food revolution that is attempting to change our current industrialized food system," she said.

The different farming traditions in San Francisco and Poultney have given Sarah a wide perspective on possibilities in her future. "I hope to at some point work with urban agriculture education projects," she said, “there’s a lot of urban farming in San Francisco, so I’ve been exposed to that.”

“Ultimately, I’d like to settle down on my own land and build my own farm. I hope to one day be able to support myself and my family,” she said.

Sarah even revealed her plans for the far-off, distant future with acute foresight: “I’d like to grow old in a nice cabin and die next to my tomato plants,” she said.

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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