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I specialize in: (1) surficial geomorphology, (2) utilizing GIS to explore, visualize, and evaluate natural Earth processes, and (3) characterizing climate change using data gleaned from the geomorphic record. My dissertation research focused on the climatic significance of periglacial landforms in the arid southwestern United States, utilizing GIS as a predictive tool for studying these features, and evaluating the genesis of rock glaciers.  Recent project include:

1.  Surficial Geology Mapping:

I recently mapped the surficial geology and produced derivative maps pertinent to groundwater resources within the towns of Rutland and Dover, VT


NOTE: To take a virtual geologic tour of Dover, VT click here

2.  Evaluating renewable energy options in Poultney, VT

Over the last few years I have been collaborating with Dr. Steve Letendre to characterize renewable energy options and prioritize weatherization efforts using a GIS in our local community.


3.  Characterizing sediment from Chinchorro Mummies

I have also been working with Dr. Bernardo Arriaza to better understand the physical characteristics of clay and unique paint pigments utilized by the Chinchorro Mummies of northern Chile.


4.  Identifying the origins of Chinchorro manganese paint

I am currently working on this project while on sabbatical in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.  We will be collecting samples of manganese-rich rocks in the Altiplano and comparing their geochemistry and isotopic signature with manganese-rich paint collected from Chinchorro mummies.  Please note, you can view the slideshow below in full-screen.

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