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Recent Coursework

Intro to Geographic Information Systems: 2011 - 2012

Wind Energy Potential, Rutland County, Vermont (PDF)

GIS Analysis of Eastern Ribbon Snake Habitat in West Haven, Vermont (PDF)

Solar Radiation and Potential Areas for Solar Installation in Rutland, County, Vermont (PDF)

Evaluating Land Use Potential for Biomass Energy Cultivation and Infrastructure Construction in Rutland, County, Vermont (PDF)

Evaluating Light Pollution at Green Mountain College (PDF)

Mapping the Frequency and Type of Crime Incidents at Green Mountain College (2009-2011) (PDF)

Invasive Species on the Delaney Property, Wells, VT (PDF)

A GIS Assessment of Impervious Surfaces Around Lake St. Catherine, Vermont.  (PDF)


Intro to Geographic Information Systems: Spring 2010

Estimating Phosphorous Potential from Non-Point Source Pollution and Determining High-Risk Areas in the Missisquoi Watershed Using the Endreny and Wood and the Sivertun and Prange Models
(Winner of the 2011 URISA Student Paper Competition)

A Study of Rural Food Deserts Rutland County, Vermont.  (PDF)

Black Bear and Bobcat Habitat Connectivity from the Adirondacks to the Green Mountains: Using CircuitscapeTM and ArcGIS to Find Likely Migration Routes for Black Bear and Bobcat (PDF)

Shagbark Hickory: A Comparative Study of Tree Stands in Poultney, Vermont and Hubbardton, Vermont (PDF)

Potential Maternal Colony Habitat for the Indiana Bat in the Hubbardton Battlefield Wildlife Management Area (PDF)

Hoyt Scout Camp Trail and Maintenance Maps (PDF)

Intro to Geographic Information Systems: Spring 2009

Analysis of Potential Maternal Roost Habitat For the Indiana Bat in the Lands of TTM, Dorset, VT.  (PDF)

Evaluating the Carbon Footprint of Green Mountain College Commuter Travel Using Cost-Path Analysis (PDF)

Ridgeline Potential Zoning District Viewshed Analysis: Town of Mendon, VT (PDF)

Mapping and Analysis of the Stonebridge Forest, Poultney, VT (PDF)

1772 Tree Species and Property Lines, Poultney, VT (PDF)

Digitizing and Georeferencing Historical Sandborn Maps For Poultney, VT: 1885 and 1909.  (PDF)

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