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Program Director: Karen Swyler, M.F.A.
Division of Humanities, Education, & Arts
Programs offered:

  • BFA in Fine Art
  • BA in Art
  • BA in Art with preK-6, 7-12, or preK-12 Licensure in Education
  • Minor in Visual Art

Departmental Mission Statement
Green Mountain College values the Visual Arts as a dynamic means of personal expression, cultural exchange, and aesthetic exploration. Through an immersive, experiential learning environment marked by close faculty mentorship and independent inquiry, GMC students explore contemporary and historical art in order to understand and enrich their own sense of artistic meaning, quality, and value. At GMC, students gain the technical skills required by a successful studio art practice while learning the conceptual skills of critical analysis and interdisciplinary synthesis. With close ties to the surrounding local communities, the art program at Green Mountain College also provides ample opportunity for real-world learning experiences through community-building projects. Exposure to regional resources such as coursework at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland, for example, allows for student exploration and expression in a professional setting. On campus itself, the Feick Fine Arts Center is both a curatorial learning lab and a venue for professional and student exhibits as well. Together, all of these resources provide a vibrant and unique learning environment that equips students to become successful agents of positive social change in a variety of sustainable, creative careers. Students may combine coursework from disciplines within the program, or from the Visual and Performing Arts and another program using the Interdisciplinary Studies Major.

Art Majors
Although a portfolio is not required for admission into the first year of the program, prospective student portfolios are helpful in evaluation and advising. Prior to their acceptance to GMC, new student applicants may submit the portfolio for evaluation by appropriate faculty to receive scholarship awards based on merit. All students will enter the program as BA Art candidates; near the end of the third and sixth semesters of study, portfolio reviews will assess student BFA or BA options. Students need faculty endorsement via portfolio review in order to pursue a BFA degree. To be awarded the BFA, students must achieve a minimum of 2.75 in the major. Art Majors and students who seek a BA in Art with preK-6, 7-12, or preK-12 Licensure in Education, will complete the required Art Core Courses, in addition to coursework in their area of concentration.

Learning Outcomes for Art Majors
The successful student will:
  • Understand the use of media and materials of studio art
  • Learn the evolution of art in a variety of social and historical contexts
  • Incorporate environmental knowledge to interpret the world through expressive media
  • Advance studio practice in a chosen area of concentration

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art
This professional degree program focuses on intensive studio work in the arts, supported by general studies. Each student in the BFA program is required to complete an internship, which may be taken during the academic year or pursued as summer study at an additional cost. 6 internship credits are required; 9-credit internships will meet the 6-credit requirement plus one 3-credit elective slot. In order to pursue the BFA students must pass the sixth semester portfolio review and maintain a 2.75 g.p.a. in the major.

Degree Goals for the BFA in Fine Art
The successful student will:
  • Satisfy the common goals for all Art Majors
  • Complete Internship Study in the area of specialty within the Fine Arts
  • Prepare a presentation portfolio suitable in application for Graduate Study or Gallery Submission
  • Complete Advanced Studio Practice in a chosen area of concentration

View course requirements for a BFA or BA or minor in Art

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