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The visual arts program regularly hosts guest artists and speakers in short- and long-term residencies. Below is a list of recent speakers, including name of artist, position, title, and date of talk.

J. Henry Fair
Photographer, New York, N.Y.
Fall 2009
Visiting Artist: Lecture to Images of Nature classes, demonstrations and critiques

Elizabeth Billings
Installation Artist, Tunbridge, Vt.
Spring 2009
Visiting Artist: Installation of staghorn sumac completed by students in Studio Explorations II (Faculty: Jennifer Baker) and Environmental Sculpture (Faculty: Karen Swyler)

Amy Johnson
Mixed media artist, Seattle Wash.
Fall 2008
Visiting Artist: Lecture, demonstrations and critiques

Matt Burton
Ceramic artist and gallery owner, m.t. burton Gallery,
Surf City, N.J.
Fall 2007
Visiting artist: Lecture, demonstrations and critiques

Michael Burton (GMC ’99)
Painting and Media, Lincoln, Neb.
Fall 2006
Visiting Artist: Gallery show lecture, demonstrations and critiques in painting and drawing classes (Faculty: Dick Weis)

Ik-Song Jin
Artist, Korea
"In Loving Memory of an Innocence"
Fall 2005
Artist in Residence: Ik-Song Jin was a one-year visiting artist from Korea, whose show, "In Loving Memory of an Innocence," produced at GMC, was displayed at the OK Harris gallery in New York City in late 2006.

Linda Weintraub
Artist and author
"Art as a Catalyst for Environmental Reform"
Fall 2005
Presenter: Professor Weintraub is a nationally known artist and author who presented her recent research activities to Delicate Balance students.

Peter Davis
"Wild Woods of Wales"
Fall 2004
Visiting Artist: Peter Davis is a large-format landscape photographer from Wales.

Cefyn Burgess
Textile Artist
"Chapels of Wales and the Slate Valley"
Fall 2003
Visiting Artist: Cefyn Burgess is known as a "National Treasure" from Wales -- a textile artist who interprets architectural elements in textile design.

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